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A magazine solely for Pacific Salmon Fly Fishers?

I've been reading many of the threads posted here on FlyTalkForum about both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing for Pacific salmon. There is a ton of info lots of people have contributed to the forum. Which leads me to this: would the people here be interested in devising or producing a magazine solely for fly fishing for Pacific salmon? I have thought about this for about a couple of weeks now. Given, it would not have to be printed 'in paper' exactly. It could be done all on the web or made into a pdf document and mailed out to everyone on an e-mail list. (See for what could be done). I just would like to see something that came out periodically (not necessarily monthly, even quarterly). Articles in the regular fly fishing press in magazines are few and far between and there are only a handful of books on the topic (those are over five years old). Even with Les Johnson's update of 'Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon,' more could be contributed to this topic. Below are some ideas of contents a magazine could have. I'm open to any ideas about this. (I may end up eating my own words and producing a magazine myself). Thanks for reading this. I can be contacted at (

editor's letter
readers' letters
conservation & ethics
fish science
fishing specific habitat/locations
a. ocean/lake
b. river mouths, estuaries, tide water
c. freshwater
trip planning
gear and tackle
garage/basement tinker
fly tying
stories & essays
book reviews, excerpts, and the like
news & other info
fishing reports

& Feature articles
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