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Exclamation If any one doubts...

the role of this administration in the recent rulings from NOAA Fisheries and the dams, hatchery vs. wild, etc. and conservation issues in general, read Ted William's recent article in Fly Rod and Reel. It's laid out quite well, in how the administration has influenced the current chain of events, and what exactly may be up their sleeves. scary as hell.... The part that scares me the most - the observation that given the current interpretation by NOAA Fisheries of the rulings and its latest BiOp (biological opinion), that NOAA Fisheries could determine that resident rainbow trout in the Columbia River Basin system could be counted as steelhead, because "genetically", they're the same/similar enough critter...

I also like the observation of setting up the rules and regs to be "sued" by the administrations chief contributors to make it appear the courts are the bad guys, rather than the administration... Just like the Roadless Rule.....

While in November, we MAY indeed be looking at a story of the lesser of two evils, it is still very clear to me there is a definite lesser evil between the two contenders, and I'll take that over the current administration any day... Did I just show my cards??? Oh well...
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