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I vote for people of nearly all parties because I always vote on the basis of all the issues important to me that any given candidate supports and has voted for in the past. And I really do not like the federal court decision that ordered WA State to change it non-partisan primary elections either. I much the old and now federal court deemed illegal primary system WA State had until this year. I detest having to decide on a single party's primary ballot to vote in the primary. In other words, I am an old fashioned independent who would like to see more than 2 major political parties; but alas, the US has had a two party system since the 1790's and recent lawsuits filed in federal courts in various states to keep Ralph Nader off the general election ballad is detestable in my opinion.

The above said, I also detest both the property destruction/violence of the ELF and the use of the federal courts by the PLF (and others groups both on the left and the right) to get law and policy changed through caveat. The law change should be done through the legislative process and policy change should be done through the agencies involved, not through the courts or the violence or property distruction of groups from either the far right or the far left, and on this I think we agree.

And lest we forget, it was two federal judges that ruled NOAA-Fisheries had to change what they were doing, not the agency, not the president, not the legislative bodies, and not the political parties.

You are correct about the need for those of us who care about forests, rivers, fish, and wildlife to stay informed and vote for those who are consevationists. Otherwise, sportsfishers, hunters, hikers, campers, and boaters will see continued depletion of the resource. However, neither major party has a monopoly on promoting conservation, there are poor conservationists in each party and those who are good conservationists in each as well. We should vote for the candidate, not the party, again I think we agree on this too.

This is what my posts herein have been about, the need for us to look at what the candidates for state and federal office in our various districts are for and what they have voted for before and not because a candidate is a member of a particular political party. Since the candidate either represents our views or doesn't and the candidate is the one who introduces and votes for or against legislation and for or against approval of federal judge appointment, the candidate (not the party, who doesn't get to do these things) is the important thing to keep in mind when voting.
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