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As you know I have great respect for at least a 2 party system. Without it we have nothing. If you vote republican that is your choice, fine. But do you see the immense changes in the republican party over the last 20 years that are totally anti conservation and environment. Not saying that the democrats are much better but at least we moved forward ever so slowly. Over the last 4 years with congress and the senate controled by this new republican agenda we have lost so much hard won ground that was won by republicans and demercrats alike over the last 40 years. When groups like the Pacific Legal Foundation and other far too conservative groups that are backed by those that believe in profit at any cost have the full ear of the administration we are in trouble. You republicans need to bring your party back into the main. Groups like the PLF are as extreme right as groups like Earth liberation Front are left. The Dems would never invite such groups as ELF into deal making why has your party gone so right? And please don't tell me that there is a big difference between two such groups because ELF uses violence and PLF uses its money to fight in court and to influence the pols. Both ways create violence against the enviroment and we in the main stream of things get screwed once again.

So I ask you and any other who will vote republican this election are you concerned about where your party has gone on the environment?
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