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Originally Posted by Pflyguy
I live in the Traverse City area
The Troutsman Fly Shop should be able to point you in the right direction. Catching salmonoids in the surf can be an excrutiating task, as you will put in an incredible amount of time to hook a fish or two...or have one night of complete mayhem and then nothing for days.

I would get an intermediate line, stripping basket, and a selection of "Lefty's Deceivers" and work around the mouths of the various creeks that dump into the bays, or the mouth of the Platte River. Try first and last light and don't get discouraged. Surf flyfishing is the last great frontier in the upper midwest but requires some serious dedication.

No need to come down "south" to try what you want to do as I feel you have better opportunities up there than I have here near Muskegon. Your best bets are going to be in and around the smaller creeks, for sure.

Good Luck!
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