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Funny Fish on the Cape - 9/20

The last couple of days Albies have been showing in Nantucket Sound, and into the channels off Morris Island and the west side of N. Monomoy. As False Alabacore are known to do, they are here a few seconds and gone...

I have observed this for the last couple of days. Today they were busting on the incoming. Using a deep eel for bass, I switched to a size 4 half-and-half. While doing the switch, they began busting around me, and were gone by the time I made the switch.

Watching and waiting, they seemed to be gone as the tide rose. Nearing the time I was ready to leave the area, they began busting withing casting range. I lead the pod, bang, I'm on. I wasn't sure that it wasn't a blue, but after 100 yards of backing gone, I was pretty sure it wasn't a blue.

Long story short, I landed my first ablie, about 30 inches and estimated 10-12 pounds. Awesome fight, and what a beautiful fish. They were feeding on silversides as attested by the ones that were upchucked.

Get out there, they are there now!

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