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Feds with Conservative Republican Legislators, and your analogy is pretty damn good. More so than you may realize. Flytyer is correct in that NOAA Fisheries has not come out and said they are the same fish, however, this administration, and much of the conservative legislative base that is really pressing this issue believe there is no difference. "If they swim like a fish, smell like a fish, and taste like a fish, they must be the same fish..." or so the thought goes. And like it or not, that same administration and legislative cohort has impressed A LOT of influence on the current stance at NOAA. To those who believe otherwise, grab one's ears, pull one's head out, and soon... In NOAA Fisheries recent BO on the Columbia River/Snake River stocks, you are seeing the heavy influence of industry and municipalities "dependent" upon the Snake River Dams (and all those on the Columbia as well) weighing in heavily on the outcome. Welcome to politics and Government. For better or worse, it's the reality that human needs (and likely human greed) will always way in heavily when it comes to public resources, whether it be fish, federal lands, air, water, or the like. And with an administration that is sympathetic to the conservative base, those views will weigh in even more heavily... There are simply those people, either ignorant enough or blinded by their own needs and desires, who will discount the value of things wild if it means their pocket book is affected. What's worse, many of them seem to have little concience when it comes to spilling the B.S. to support their weak position. The idea that because runs of recent have been generally good as being an indicator of the "success" and "compatibility" of the Columbia Basin hydroelectric system and it's management is ludicrious (it's the oceans, stupid), but they've bought into it, hook, line, and sinker (or is that a Jock Scott I see in the corner of their over-sized maw's?!?! ). They've bought into it because it SEEMS to support their contention. Never mind the Redfish Lake sockeye run is still in peril and hasn't seen the improvements in runs... Something to ponder---if the runs have been so good WITH the dams in place, imagine what they WOULD have been had the dams NOT been there!!!
I still keep hoping for a regime change in November, hopefully then we'll see some kinder, gentler and more rational management of this valued resource...
Don't forget to VOTE!!!!
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