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The feds didn't say hatchery and wild fish were genetically identical. A federal judge in Oregon said that the feds must count both hatchery and wild fish when making a decision to list or not list a rivers salmon run if the feds did not establish that there were clear genetic differences between the hatchery and wild fish. NOAA Fisheries has simply responsed to the judge's order on the river the case was about.

The feds have not said there is no difference between hatchery and wild fish. They have said in the new wild fish policy, which was forced by another Oregon federal judge named Redden, that if there is little genetic difference found between a hatchery stock and wild stock in a particular river, they will be managed as if they were equivalent fish. This is very diffferent that sayiing that wild and hatchery fish are genetically identical. And it only applies to those runs on those rivers where it has been through science that there is very little difference between the hatchery and wild fish of a particular species.

In fact, in response the Jude Redden' ruling, NOAA-Fisheries kept all of the Columbia river stocks of salmon and steelhead listed except for the Deschutes steelhead. I fail to see how this indicates the feds have said or decided that hatchery and wild fish are genetically identical.
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