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Good evening,

Poogs, I want to tell you that I was tireless on Sat trying to get info for you, but to no avail. So Im just going to let you mabye deal with it if you want.
I was in a Sporting goods store this summer and purchased a Daiwa "Algonquin" series Fly rod. It is 9', 2 piece, 5wt., and I love it! It has moderate / fast action, and very forgiving. The BEST part, I only paid 30 clams! What a deal! Graphite, good components. There is just one catch, you are going to have to find a dealer in your area. There is a service rep in Park City, NJ, the address / phone are on the manufact. web, Daiwa with a dot and a com
This coupled with a good intro reel and you have a great little system for less than 100 Georges, and far better IMHO than that other 60 smacker "brand" that you were looking at!
And I saw some great reel deals on the web!
Hope this helps

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