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Anything below .3 is going to start to "bracket" the edges--- the fisheye effect. Check what the manufacturer sells for a WA adaptor and then get one from a high quality competitor in the same power (XX.x)- Century Precision Optics or some maker in that price range--- crappy WA adaptors truly prove the Garbage In/Garbage Out theory.

ADDENDUM: For casting, you should figure out the XxX' area that you think you want to shoot and give me that info. I can then figure out the lens needed at a particular distance with the aim to resolve a particular size object (we CAN figure this out since the granularity- lines of resolution- is fixed.)

That said, there is no way to do a casting video well and have only one view of a cast. You'll need either multiple cameras trained at various Field(s) of view and/or multiple takes with different lens Field of Views. And PLEASE forget about zooming during the shot. Far too much visual info for the viewer to decode.

Keep me in the loop- happy to help.

Always happy to help.

Another thought for production facilities is to talk to the communications dept or film/video production depts. at any of the universities near you. The kids at these places are ITCHING for something interesting and they might do it for credit as an internship and provide you not only with the equipment, but the ability to let someone else worry about the tech details so you can make a great product.


Those Disc cameras are not a good way to go for anyone because they use expensive media, use non-standard compression and transfer schemes, and do not "play well" with other related technologies. Steer clear until they are the standard (3-4 years)


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