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I'm getting real old but if I remember right Hootchies were made before the use of plastic molds with a painted lead head with a hole drilled through it, the body was colored chicken hackels somehow attached by a thin sheet of clear plastic over the painted head. Just like modern day hootchies you tied your hook setup to a leader and ran it through the head as you do today. We used them for strippers and Blue Fish and down in Florida all varieties of sport fish and the chicken feathers were died in some very bright colors indeed. I believe Hootchie was the trade name even back then.

I have been meaning to send you out my squid fly that has been so sucsessfull for winter steelhead to try out at the bay. It's called, The Skinny Legged Squid, named after the Tip and there is nothing like it in the world except for the Pink Poodle and SS's pink plankton fly.
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