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Next year at Neah Bay......

After a few days off from the incredible Coho fishing at Neah Bay I am already planning for next year. I ran into Topwater at the Fly Shop and he is doing the same its never too early to get ready for that place.
I am going to put a lot more effort into fishing Kings out there next Summer, I played around briefly with some T14 and weighted Clousers and I feel very confident that this combination will put the gear in the right place.
With all the modern materials for tying saltwater baitfish imitations a flytyer can match alot of really time tested and productive "Lures" that have been in use by trollers for decades. I refer too the various "Hootchies" that are manufactuerd by Golden Bait, Yozurri. and Silver Horde. For those of you living in the NW you can go to any of the Marine Stores that sell fisheries supply and Tackle to Commercial Trollers and get some inspiration on what color combinations have a proven track record. Theres more to life than fishing a chartruese Clouser!
Hootchies are the multi legged plastic skirts that imitate bait fish and squid. They slide over the leader and the hook and are usually used in conjuction with a Flasher or a Doodger to impart a little, or a lot of action to the lure.
Please don't try to tell me that salmon are color blind and color doesn't matter. They may be color blind but they certainly respond to colors with a very clear preference, and its not always the same, so arm yourself with some variations and be ready.
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