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Hi SalmonChaser,
Thanks for the info..... I'll forward your update to a few friends....ah!! Nope, I'll give them the link to this great site!!

The Rubberlegs...

Well, to be honest...We gave up on them. I find it's not the classic way of fishing and some are using these in low waters conditions, letting them "sink" and stripping them through a pool loaded with salmon. "not my type of fishing". Guess I'm getting touchy on my fishing, but in respect to salmon and anglers fishing the next day...... conventional flies only. And you know, That's not what fishing is all about, anyways.

So, we decided to scratch them off our top ten and out of our fly boxes.

I prefer a nice dry fly and if there"s no current, then I'll strip it across ( over) the pool or use a tiny single hook fly.
A fish on a dry or a fish on a tiny fly!!!!!!!
Man!! So hard on the nerves!!!!
But so good a feeling!!!

Enjoy your Fall fishing!!!

Keep'em in the water!!
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