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RE: Margaree

Hi Ann.
Just had a couple of lads come back yesterday and they hooked 3 and 5 respectively. The biggest fish was 12lbs from Doyles bridge Pool. Water was "Good" and there were fish where they were supposed to be as in all pools held fish but the better ones held more. The mornings fished pretty well for them and All accounts pointed to Seal Pool as being hot with fish hooked there everyday. As for a more in depth report? Well, thats all i have for now. others may chime in here. my trip is backed up a week as our lobster season isnt over till the 16th of Oct so i will be in for a cold week(18-24) to be sure.
As for the T&L spey? I tied a few in each size as i feel pretty confident that they will take fish. Also, here is a spey fly that i converted from a salmon fly that I put together,,the A.P.B
Ann, how did you do on the rubber-legged wooly worm that you posted on SAO?
Do a search for Mac Strathdee's shop in Margaree, he can give you up to date info on Margaree.
Take care Ann.
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