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Another suggestion...

A rotating tube is a real pain in the keester!
The HMH mandrels sport a slight flange at the end of their quite rigid tying shaft...
The tube slides up the mandrel shaft and then fits snugly over the widening flange and free spooling is essentially eliminated...
If your mandrels don't have that flange, make one yourself...
Wrap some flat waxed nylon thread to build up a flange (about a 3/16' widening taper) and secure it with a smear of super glue...give it a chance to fully cure.
Slide on your working tube over the "enhanced" shaft...if the build up is sufficient, it should hold the tube fast!
That's what I did before I got the HMH tool...cheaper versions have not-so-rigid flangeless mandrels...junque!
Do it right the first time and you only have to do it once!

Also, while you're tying...
No need to wrap too tightly with the thread...
Too tight and the tube will be compressed and removing it (off the mandrel) will be a problem...
A dab of head cement, as you tye, will ensure that the material will stay put, and make for a much more durable fly!
A little practice goes a long way!
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