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Got my TRV900 from Profeel (, nice people, great price, wasn't grey market. Lots of people got theirs from, but you have to, ummm, CALL, don't try to do anything with them on price over the web.

Great site for info about the TRV900, but also LOTS of info about cams in general.

B&H is a great place, very reputable. Concerned about the (-) reference to Chasidim, who also run the best run places in NY as well, including the ones above.

FWIW, the (albeit) low resolution stills I take with this now 6 year old (3CCD) TRV900 have better color accuracy than most 3-4 megapixel digital cams. Several shots I've printed to 8x11 and look great. Not film quality and I won't even claim "close", but still very very nice. The still feature requires very little cost above what they've already put in these things - it's a gimme for marketing I'm sure.

Check these out:
Closer By The Fly!

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