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7/8 saltwater spey for sea trout

A saltwater spey for 7/8 - sounds good for our seatrout fishing in the Baltic Sea.
Saltwater fly fishing for seatrout (sea running browns) from Baltic Sea shores is very popular in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Today you see very less fishermen with double handers here but with the threads about the Atlantis 1111 in mind a light line double hander should be perfect. The fish are usually between 2 and 6 lbs with few much more up to 20lbs. And it's often search fishing with a lot of casting. Although you can hook good fish just in front of your feet longer casts are not a disadvantage. We use mainly single handers from 6/7 to 8/9. A 6/7 is perfect for most of the fish if there wouldn't be always the fight against the wind. For lines I think swimming and slow intermediate shooting heads are the most popular. Although I never fished for cutthroats in the salt I think it is very similar to the fishing I talked about.
I'm more than interested to give a 7/8 saltwater spey a try for seatrout fishing in Europe. The best season starts in march. So, Juro, when do you think the 7/8 will be available in 2005?
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