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Sirfishalot -

Yes, these rods are specifically made for overhead casting and are just 11ft long but with a handle that really puts the line into play. 115-125ft is a common distance with the lighter of the two models dubbed the "All-around" while the larger rod, the Surf-tamer has thrown well over 150ft in capable hands.

All-around 11ft 9/10wt WF (spey equiv. 6/7wt) just over 7oz
Surf-tamer 11ft 11/12wt WF (spey equiv 8/9wt) just over 8oz

Both IM8 exclusive aerospace graphite with premium components from a solid titanium frame on the SiC tip down to the hard chrome Fuji SiC strippers and Flora cork. Each rod has an accurate fish ruler on the blank for inspiration, the Surf-tamer boasts a 42" measure so think big.

You may be aware that tournament two-handed rods have thrown over 250 ft but they are hardly fishable, they weigh a ton and are as long as telephone poles. Atlantis rods provide a compromise between a distinct casting advantage and practical all-day fishability in their lightweight power.

They are made for overhead casting, but just as spey casting rods will overhead cast these rods do throw tight little spey casts with the right lines, I favor the Scandinavian lines and casting stroke with these 11ft IM8 rods because they are quite fast because of the overhead design. The Hardy Mach I and short spey lines are quite nice on these rods and I prefer this length and power for big strong fish like chinook and chum over the longer spey casting tools more fit for steelhead and atlantic salmon. So they double as a big salmon river rod with more ability to move and steer those buses.

Sean, our webmaster is frequently using the Surf-tamer on Puget Sound and can throw a laser loop for the distances we mention on the board. He is first on the list for the lighter model when the shipment arrives so you might hook up with him on the beach to have a test drive sometime.

The dealer list can be found at
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