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I spent three years looking, comparing, and talking to others before I bought a drift boat 2 years ago. I decided after the first year that wood was out because of the maintenance it takes and because it is more prone to puntures that glass or aluminum. After the second year I decided aluminum was out because it is noisey, cold in winter, and hot in summer, although it is as tough as nails. The third year I decided it was between Hyde and Clakacraft because they are wider than Lavro, thus making them more stable, although Lavro is probably the strongest hull in the business and if they made a 16' boat that was 54" wide, I would have probably got a Lavro (their boats are only 48" wide).

I finally got a Hyde because I can change the configuration of the boat simply by buying a different front seat, bench, or pedestal; rear pedestal, bench or seat; rower's seat or bench and changing them myself. The Clakacraft and Lavro front and rear seat pieces are molded into the boat when it is made and can't be changed. I also like the flat floors of the Hyde, which keep your feet out of water you can't help getting in the bottom of the boat. I also like the sharp chines of the Hyde.

One thing I would recommend anyone get for a drift boat is high-quality graphite shaft, counter-ballance oars (just like sinktip recommended). They are well worth the extra money.
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