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just throwing a different outlook at you,,,,i use an aluminum boat,,best all around,,for here,,my river varies so much as to where on the river,,what conditions etc.,,,certainly a woody is not for everyone,,the big woody,setup to flyfish,,,,awesome fishing platform,three ft. longer than what i row now,,so,it wouldn't be for yearound use,,just those summer steelie flyfishing trips,around grants pass ore.,class 1-2 max,,,glass,you can't hardly sell them around here,,,bad trip for me,,,,lost a lot of money on the one i had,,,turd,,,every aspect,,once i tasted how a well,,,dr--- ---ft built boat rowed,,,,i was done!,,if the boat has a banana bottom,,,,,, row some boats,,please,,,,seriously,,take beer or whatever,,hit the neraest boatramp,,surely you can find a thirsty fellow who's tired of rowing,,,,,,
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