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thanks for the tip . i'm learning a lot from you guys and i appreciate the feed back. theres a lot of boat builders out there for sure,to stay competitive in to days market place you cant sell junk.its like boobies,no such thing as bad boobies,just some 'er better than others.
for me wood is definitely out. too high of a maintenance factor take the montana boat builders for example they are beautiful, infact exceptional, but too expensive.wood kit boats are out heres why, there is no warrantee on something you build your self. a friend of mine has a woody and it stops leakin after its waterlogged and the bilge pump has been stroked a few times and by then it rows like a complete turd.
aluminum boats are looking good but they paint an unsavory picture of dents, wrinkles,and sharp edges in my mind.
ive been a weldor/steel worker for more than twentyfive years, third generation.
so i actually know quite abit about trying to weld and/or repair aluminum sheet metal with serious mineral contaminatin from scraping rocks and such.i work hard there for i play even harder. im dedicated to my family,my fun, and my flyfishing .
im just looking for the right tool for the job.
as far as the crowd goes ,i base my decisions on facts not what the crowd has to say.good luck on your woody and have fun.
you have to check out the lavro site its actually quite amazing
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