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i'm going to have one,,it's only a matter of time,i'll have to build it,,and it'll be a `Rogue River Special',why!?,,well,,they have strait sides,,no `hotshotting' from side to side in fast water,they have;a huge amount of room in the back,,equal to,,at least,the front floorspace in any other boat,the sides have more `flair',,they `wedge' down in the current=everyone can stand on the same side of the boat,anchored midriver,,the `hotshotthangagain',one thing the current range of builder's don't seem to recognize as an important wich makes their boats `corkie',drawbacks;huge boat almost 18 ft long,tast heavier /longer/slower handling than you'd like for fast,heavy water,,,,but a flyfisher's dreamboat once you're aboard,wood floats well,and has a feel unlike any other, ,the front-n-rear setup used for flyfishing is why i'll have one,,i use a 15.5 version,,,fantastic boat,,,but,,never enough room,,well,i guess you'd simply have to float in an old `Hood' to figure it out,DAMN theyre sweet!,,,,hmmmnnmm,maybe you better get one of the new breed boats,,join the crowd,go on now,,,,no,,,no RRSpecials around,,nope,haven't heard,haven't seeen, ,,nosir,go down there,,take a left,----- or,,get a RiverWild,,,small custom builders in GP,,,guide after guideboat goes by,,label says```RiverWild' they must be doing something right

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