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Wooly buggers

Hello, It has been a while since I have posted here. I am a college student whos hobby is fly fishing, I tie my own flys. I try to sell a few of themn on the side for spare cash, It is hard to work and school, and tying flys is much more fun. I am currently set up to make most wooly bugger patterns. I can add most of the things you like. Such as rubber or silicone legs, coneheads, flash, glow flash and whatnot. I can tye bass bugs to. mostly out of deer hair and on 6 to 3/0 hooks, I prefer the 3/0s myself. Here are pics

If you are interested, My prices are cheap, and I can tye them relativley fast. My email is Thanks you. I prefer to sell flys by the dozen, but we can work whatever you want out, I am sure.
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