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choosing the right drift boat

any one have opinion on the different manufacturers of driftboats such as clackacraft,hyde(those two companies bash eachother), willies ,fishrite,alumaweld,or vaugn .
ive been in inflateables for over ten years now and have had enough.
air is for breathing.had a couple close calls in some places that could have been avoided .the thing i hate the most is actually picking up a lost fishing hook,looking down in the water to see the bubbles with eight hours of river left was the last straw,plus the wife said i could, but i have to tough it out for one more winter.i can hang. (just remodeled the kitchen,could have bought two driftboats for what that cost me.)
do you guys up north(pnw) prefer aluminum over fiberglass and if so, why? and vice-versa.
i've rowed a few driftboats ,a couple of them were wood-kit jobs that handled like complete turds that made your feet wet ,so i know i dont like those.
i rowed a 16' aluminum but not for very long,and liked it .
havent been in a fiber glass boat yet.
any input is greatly appreciated

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