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Thanks Joe -

I found a s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g deal on a Panasonic 3 CCD PV-GS70 about what I charge for two days on the flats so am thinking about pulling the trigger on it.

I played with a loaner Pentax Optio MX that had a supermacro with 0" focus capabilities and 10x optical that took absolutely sick 3.2 mp images of flies but the video could not capture even my slowest overhand casts against a dark background despite slow moving mpeg4 clips being absolutely great for web or presentations. The problem as you detailed is in the movement and with something like a fly line it was toast.

Such a shame as I would love to have had that still image capability with even a reasonable video capture (30fps, VGA 640px, 1/2000 max shutter but not adjustable for video as far as I could tell).

The PV-GS70 goes up to 1/8000 but only 1mp images, miniDV tapes and the DV looks real good on moving objects with the "sport mode" recording option based on some little test clips I took.

One question - what software would you recommend for getting the DV into web and DVD format? I guess this is one way that a higher priced digital like a used Canon saves money - no need for the extra software.

BTW - great to have a resident video expert on board!
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