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As far as competing with you my friend, I am in no position to set up any kind of business. I’ll be lucky to have leader material and be able to replenish my fly tying box as things run out over the next couple years. My only goals in the next several months will be to build two shooting heads and at least one fiberglass “Burke Bottom”.

I would also agree with your assessment of the panacea basket. Definitely not the magic bullet. I am still debating the issue of a closed or open basket. I don’t like large waves upsetting my carefully laid line, but I also don’t like having five gallons of water pull me down in the front after a container ship floats by out there at Point No Point. My oversized basket would hold a lot of water if it was enclosed.

I look forward to the day when we can pool our resources on the beach.

Spey casters do it with longer rods

Matt Burke
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