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Top Water at 0708!!!

Hey Chris I launched at about 0645 or at least got in line to launch. It only took me to Midway or there abouts to say "hey I don't need this sh-t" I think the weather this morning at NB was just like a regular Sitka Morning, been there and got the tshirts, time to look for another fix. Sounds like a good chance of a couple (one for sure) systems for next week to keep that swell up where I don't like it. Small boats are a good thing they keep some guys from sticking too many fish.
Ryan I checked at "Big Salmon" this morning they have One rental boat reservations on the reservation are essential! The one boat they have for rent is one of the 15' Pacific Mariners that all the resorts bought back between 1952 and 1958. I mention the age as it is amazing to me that a plastic boat that is 50 years old with a 15 hp outboard can still be rented for only $100.00 for a day.
As a matter of fact back in about 1974 Turk Markestrum the fellow who was manageing Big Salmon sold my wife and I a really good 15' Pacific Mariner for $250.00 to keep forever I suspect that boat is still being mooched out of by somebody here in Port Angeles. Our 15' worked out real well for us and a land rush started on guys buying the rest of what the resort owners thought to be there surplus and well depreciated floating stock.
On the way home I glassed the fleet working out of Seiku and my 7x50 Fujinons saw several fish being pulled so there are obviously some fish around the Point lots of boats working off Slip Point too.
NZ Trout Bum and his "dudes" were out in the teeth of it so I'm sure you will be able to get a report from today and sunday frm him in a day or two.
I stopped of at the kelp bed and gathered up some rockfish for a few dinners my wife thinks i'm such a great guy With gas and launch fees thats probably $15.00 a pound
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