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F-N-G (friggin-New-Guys)

they cant or dont usually catch much of any thing but they will low-hole you and look right at you and waive bacause every thing is friggin new even his simms goretex, matching vest and faggy hat. but over the years of fishing crowded california and oregon waters ive found that you can use them to your advantage by keeping them below you and close enough that your swing can get past them into the water you want to fish by timing.they wont get it until theres a three foot long rocket taking off right in front of them and then its all you my man and they are none the wiser they just think its cool to see a fish. some guys,being new are easily persuaded to move on some arent . its all about perception,if your demeanor is kind,warm and friendly on the outside then use your cunning and calculate a strategy to get around the obsticle to acomplish your goal. may sound selfish but i'm thinking about steelhead not about the other guy.
never give a sucker an even break.
but if the guide hes with is worth his salt all of that wont happen. so all you F-N-Gs out there dont be afraid. get out there and make your mistakes and dont forget the most important part ,HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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