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Actually, I was thinking of going one step further with my design as off the shelf plastics don't really fit the bill. I am going to build fiberglass molds and experiment with different shapes and sizes on the cones. I believe PVC running line will require a different shape than mono, but overall, a cone along the lines of a spinner like I have pictured, is the best for shooting. My basket is just a mock up and I will be working on size and placement. And then, once I have the perfect bottom I will build molds to fit the bottom of off the shelf baskets. These will be placed in say an Orvis as an upgrade. This would work to my advantage in several ways. I don't have to worry about basket patents and only have to patent the mold design. Cost is reduced in shipping and production because there are thousands of baskets already out there that need a "Burke Bottom." Most guys are not going to want to buy another basket when all they really need is to just drop a few bucks on a "Burke Bottom." Once the molds are made I can turn them out as needed. I'll have my "Burke Bottom" running all up and down the west coast. Guess what I am going to call it and you know you're going to want it. The puget Sound tested Burke Bottom.
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