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The biggest factor IMHO is basket design, then the fact that there is so much more of it being used for casting, then the running like itself.

Baskets are so inadequate I've decided to commision engineers to build a 3D Cad model of my new design for gathering quotes from plastics companies in the area. I consider this the root cause because a good basket can make most running lines workable, where changing the running line won't help a bad basket. I am planning to patent, manufacture and sell this new basket.

When making moderate casts, any running line seems manageable. But when you suddenly can throw close to or up to the backing knot all the time that's a huge amount of line in the basket.

With today's commercially available baskets, switching the running line makes a difference to a point. The steady howl with 35 mph gusts at Boneclave were beyond that point, but under normal conditions the running line you use makes a big difference. I have been wondering if a sinking shooting line would be a good option to keep things in the basket.

However in the end a well-made basket (far beyond what we use today) is the core solution and should be where one spends their attention in solving this problem.


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