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I like the collar idea also. But in my perfect world everyone who fly fishes would have a collar on but me. And not surprising I would have the magic button.

Seriously though I wish beginers would start out slow. Lawn is great to practise after dinner and then playing around on lakes for sun fish and the likes. By biggest concern in todays world is that folks want to fish for the most difficult of fish right off the bat, stripers on the flats, Tarpon, permitt, spring creek trout and NW steelhead. To me that's like saying I want to learn to play baseball and going up against Roger Clemens 1st time at bat. Have a feeling that on the great Salmon rivers of Europe not too many newbies just step in and fish a beat. Can imagine they are told quickly that they are not so welcome. I remember it was that way when I was young on many of the great eastern trout streams, you worked your way up to them in skill level, you walked softly and learned the ways of those that came before you. I know in the USA anyone can fish for anything just about, be he beginner or not but I got to say I feel loathing at times to see beginners just stepping to the batters box to face a 100 MPH fastballer. I also feel sorry for him because it can not be as enjoyable as catching sunfish and learning all that goes along with casting, like observation, fly tying, building leaders and the likes.

I have no problems with guides on rivers or flats who's clients are good fishermen and do not have to be hand held. But boy it can be frustating to those who have worked there way up in their fishing ability to have other not so worthy plugging up runs and flats alike. I would like to see guides or teachers take their clients or at least try to convince their clients to fish for fish that are more to their level because the client will get far more out of it and his skill level will not only increase but he will understand more of what he is doing.
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