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It gets worse if you use mono. My basket is large. The same hand basket you would find at Safeway. I have small cones in the bottom (I should post a pic). Being aware of how you lay the line in the basket, not just one spot, kind of spread around (I try to go around to each corner in a clockwise motion). Never keep more in there than you need. Sometimes if the last ten feet just sits in the bottom without getting out, it will twist from stripping above it. I'll leave the last ten feet out or just toss it out and start stripping in from there. That way the whole length of line that I am using gets the kinks stretched out. Keeping the basket under the rod while shooting instead of at an angle. Geez, I don't know what else to think of. I'm on my own for learning this over head crap out here on the west coast.
Spey casters do it with longer rods

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