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There I wuzzz...Standing in water deep enough to easily reach the inseam of my waders...rod stowed in the attached rod holder up in front of the "massive" cockpit...poised with my right hand on the far butt against the left side of the obliging craft and my left hand straight back on the left rail...ready, set...
After a rather unimpressive semi-vertical heave-ho and I'm now sitting sideways in the cockpit...a 90 rotation to my right and my feet are in too...the crowd roars...
But, despite my good intentions and side mount completed, the shore bound Bulgarian bait-slinging judge can only see fit to give me a 4.5 for style and 3.7 for difficulty...No matter!! because getting in and out is no big deal in the Pungo...(dry bag stuffed behind the seat and paddle teathered just in case...)
If you want a test drive, let me's waiting for you at AreaSixtyOne!
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