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I haven't found getting into a kayak in 2-3 feet of water especially difficult. The definition of annoying is using your bilge pump to drain the cockpit before paddling away, though. If you enter a kayak anywhere other than shore you'll be depositing a decent amount of water into it from your shoes/sandals, wet shorts, waves, etc.....Do this many times over the course of the day and you'll be surprised at how much water might accumulate.

Also, if you are wading with no exposed bar to use as a landing point you'll have to either anchor the kayak or tether it to yourself. Anchoring is no big deal other than the fact that you have to transport the anchor itself. Tethering is something that I have done with mine, but, any current takes your boat for a ride. You may find both your yak and your drifting fly line gravitating towards each other. Also, with a fish on you'll be dancing around your tethered yak if Murphy's Law holds true.

I'd say wade mostly dropping tides with the yak and save the rising ones for yak tripping to facilitate remote bar fishing.

Also, the multi-chine hull of the Pungo and it's monstrous cockpit opening are what make it so desirable(plus the price). It's relatively short length coupled with it's 29.5" width are a recipe for stability as well. You aren't going to win any races with this yak but you will track awfully straight.

I'm actually intrigued by the new sit inside Ocean Kayak models. All of their other models are of the sit on top variety. Has anyone paddled one yet?

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