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Tangles in running line

I thoroughly enjoy fishing with the Atlantis, but one headache has emerged. The running line tends to twist in the stripping basket, leading to kinks, knots, and pure messes that require time to untangle. Not only is this cutting into my fishing time, but it's cutting down on my casting distance when these kinks lodge in the rod guides and cut the casts short.

Prior to using the Atlantis, I had never used shooting head systems. I'm wondering if the potential causes could be:

Is my running line (Orvis 30 pound floater) garbage?

Is the stripping basket simply too small for the amount of line I'm now throwing? I've found that using my Kennebec basket allows for a greater amount of line to be held, but the tangles still occur.

Is the heavier shooting head destined to try and find the bottom of the basket because it's so much heavier than the running line, fouling it?

Of course there are probably other potential causes that I'm not yet aware of, but could someone out there please enlighten me?

I'd like to spend more time fishing and less time untangling.
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