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kayak snobbery aside... the stealth just aint one!!! it is a cool little boat, but it is a big stretch to call it a yak. SOT's are just inherently less stable, due to the fact they have you above the water line as opposed to a sit in(and wetter). they also usually weigh more and are a bit slower, but not significantly. all I can say is (as Powers, and many others told me... PUNGO,PUNGO,PUNGO...). I didn't just take their word, but after alot of hard work and test driving many, it won hands down. maybe we should have a yak test drive clave before you guys buy yours. I'd be willing to bring mine to the spot you choose. Tom D
p.s. just my $.02 you need to choose what is best for you, some people say they outgrow the pungo when they yak for 5+ years... funny thing is, they all say they have kept the pungo to fish from...hmmmm
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