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I've notice 2 things in the yak that can be a problem. Larger fish can pull the boat. When you're on shore you can put more pressure on the fish because you are a stationary object in the yak when you tighten down that drag you get a little ride. I noticed on one fish 35" but very strong the battle when much longer than I'd have preferred. I ended up keeping that fish (the only one I've kept in a couple years) because I really doubted that it would survive. I think had I been standing instead of floating the battle could have been less stressful on the fish. The second problem in the yak is that you cannot turn around very quickly. I find that sometimes I just have to fight the fish by holding the rod behind my head until it decides to come to one side or the other, this is usually an indication that the fish is winning. If you use your lower body to turn the yak toward the fish while applying opposing pressure with the rod you can usually get the bow to swing into a more favorable position. As far as blue fish go I am more than happy with a LDR, I have nightmares about dropping one of those puppies in my lap.
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