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Awesome time...

I was fortunate enough to get the boat fixed and headed down Sunday morning to fish and camp till monday. We missed a great meal, But I used the time Saturday to set-up my gear for the trip. We showed up around brunch and set-up camp. Took the boys out and poked around abit and found a bunch a bluefish. Josh my 5yr old using a 7wt caught his first Bluefish ever on a fly he tied and colored himself down at the Saltwateredge fly tying event this past winter. Brandon was really bumming cause his little brother caught one and he was getting bit off. Had him reel in and found he had only 15or20lb test tippet, tied some 30lb test on and he was all hooked up shortly there after and didn't get bit off this time. We just retied and cut off the bit up sections after each bluefish instead of using wire. Brandon suffered his first knuckle buster when a big blue took off while he was trying to reel him up. After a few tears he was back at it again.

The wind died down after sunset with the partial moon and stars out over the glass smooth bay made for a great sight. Witnessed and earthgrazing shooting star just before turning in, quite a contrast to the violent thunderstorms of claves past. Monday was really calm so I took the boys out to past the Vineyard to Nantucket. Along the way found what I thought was a large white plastic bag floating on the water. When I got closer I saw it was really a fish that looked like it was dead or dying. Pulled up along side with my net only to see one nice sized tuna roll over and swim casually below as though I woke him up! Not sure if it was a baby bluefin or what it seemed big for a bonito.

Should have cast to him first.... Dooh!

Found lots of Bluefish around Nantucket. We fished for awhile then headed back to break camp. All in all a very memorable trip for us. We'll be out looking for funny fish again soon since the boat is working well for now. It was great to see the many of the regulars and some new faces too. Looking forward to next year already.

Tight lines.


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