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RE:URGENT Call to Action


You are supposed to be enjoying time with your parents. When you get back, I have lots of work for you though I've got some more info. on the OP Guides Association that we need to discuss. I'm actually happy for you that the rivers are closed as the Sky just dropped in from 13,000 cfs to 5.8' and 3,300 cfs. If it were open, I know this trip would be killing you. As it is its killing me to look at that river graph. Spawn baby spawn!


You are right on Les deserving thanks on this one. He typed his fingers to the bone getting the word out. Found out last night that Senator Oke said the committee was all set to vote no when all of a sudden the floodgates opened and here came hundreds of e-mails and calls. We definetly turned the tide.


The rumor is that the lone nay vote came from the Senator from Spokane. Apparently even Spanell voted yes. Go figure.
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