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Monday was awesome.

After not fishing Saturday and Sunday because I thought the weather would be too much rain too much swell too much wind (and being totaly wrong in my personal forecast) I went out after watching the USA women stomp the Aussies in the Gold Medal Game on Monday morning. Wow what a team.
I was very suprised to find the Ocean not only calm but there was not a single visible wind riffel anywhere West of the Twins all day. I had too shed all outer jackets and eventually my boots and fished in my bare feet it was very warm.
I fished a good deal on top too and as I still haven't gotten around to tying up a proper bunch of "Sliders" I was using a collection of unweighted tube flies with a dink float added to the line for a "Bow Waking device". The silvers don't seem to be too picky and it was rather amusing when fishing in the Mega School at Duncan that when a fish would get hooked and it would be running in circles around the boat the dink float would seperate from the tube and of course the tube would also slide up the line away from the hook and the fish. This resulted in a school of silvers milling around the loose objects taking turns smashing the tube and the Green dink float. I guess that means that you could probably catch them on just the float by its lonesome.
I don't think I will be heading out there today as it really is raining and windy and swelly!
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