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Holy Penguin Stuff.....sounds like someone could have been hurt...., sometimes me think that the phlightless bird is having flashbacks to mock 7 mode...., sounds like all survived and only needed to adjust ascots..., we all know how important it is to control the equipment and clothing variables in any sporting activity....,
Guys, you don't know how bad I wish I was there to particate...,
Things are fine out here, grape harvest is in 4th gear and the wine is fermenting. For those wine affectionados out there, 2004 will be one of those years that made CA wines famous, light crop, unbelievable quality. Great grapes make great wines, just remember that. With that said...., we won our first medal in the CA State Fair, a silver for our 2002 blend, this was the same stuff that I bought to the springclave.
CO Elk bowseason starts next weekend, I should be there in mid September, possibly earlier. All reports point to a bumper crop there, also, so...., if I don't see you guys in the 9th month, I look forward to the Springclave.
NOW, for the important stuff, how was the fishing at this years Boneclave?
All the best,
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