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Thumbs up What the Right Honourable Mayor of Chatham was really doing...

John was successfully attempting to overcome the strain of a taught anchor bungee rig...
I rigged the stern anchor with a HD bungee shock section (approx 15' at rest and 45'+ stretched to the max)...
After setting the stern anchor with the bungee, the boat was motored so that the bow was in knee deep water and the bungee under heavy load...the bow anchor was then set on dry sand and line paid out allowing the stern bungee to retreat the craft back into deeper water so as to not allow a grounding by the retreating tide.
The photo of John caught him pulling the boat back into the shallows prior to departure...I boarded while John held against the shock cord, started the motor and powered up until John and the bow anchor boarded...Rear anchor w/bungee gathered in and off we went...
'Worked pretty slick!
I've been playing with this notion and it was fun to see it work so well (even with a stiff quartering on shore breeze)...
Thank you Johnny Scissorhandz...Maybe next time we'll find some exotic T-tails!?
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