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NI the interaction with these critters around large man made barriers is a real challenge to overcome. The Goverment Locks in Seattle and any number of Dams on the Rivers around the NW are classic examples of the Lions ability to adapt to changes in there enviroment.
I, like I said, don't begrudge them there place on the Ocean but I at the same time see no reason not to eliminate problem animals that "stray" into these isolated situations where they unnaturaly utilize these barriers to all but decimate a particular run of fish.
As to my somewhat caviler attitude regarding feeding the Lions my just released fish. When you get right down to it they would eat the same amount of Coho anyway its just easier for them to pick off the winded ones so in reality its a no loss situation.
I have had quite a few run ins with Stellar Sea Lions in the Gulf of Alaska they are close kin to the California Sea Lion and even though they are a protected specie there numbers are on the decline. Several studies are being prosecuted to determine the cause of there decline. A great number of folks cite the huge Pollock Trawl fishery as the culprit but the recent studies point out Heavy Metal and PCB's as being extremely suspect in the decline.
One side effect of the Marine Mammal Protection Act , besides the rebound in Seals and California Sea Lions, is the tremendous explosion in Great White Sharks along the West Coast and in the Gulf of Alaska.
I didn't like the weather forecast this AM so I am getting my fishing fix today tying up some of Lelands poppers and some more Clousers. Certainly didn't feel that you were trying to start a pissing match about the value or lack thereof of the Sea Lion population which of course is out of our control and as about as easy to complain about as the weather
Cheers to you too sir.
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