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Here in the strait seals and sealions are consistantly using this as a method of hunting. As I said in the previous post this situation has become common place on most fishing grounds around Vancouver Island. Further to the point for the past 15 tears there have been documented reports of seal populations feeding in estuary and in far up river (15km) areas. Not only for the fall migration of adult salmonids but also for the out migration of steelhead and coho smolts. Some rivers experiencing the problem are the Qualicum, the Puntledge, the Salmon, the Nanaimo just to name a few.

It also has been documented that animals with this behavior teach their offspring this hunting method. Making it a self perpetuating problem that grows annually. Speaking of growth, the pinneped population has grown massively in the last 15 years, especially the California sealions. Combine these facts with decreases in salmonid returns, especially in rivers with no hatchery enhancement, and it would appear as though one piece of the puzzle has been identified.

Do I begrudge the occaissional non human marine predator his take? No, I can see a situation that will need to be addressed yes IMO. Good luck Fishing tomorrow is my wish for all of us.

trying not to be too sanctimonious
Cheers N I
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