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Useful Information........

Here's a good site for Marine Conditions
Had an interesting run in with a very large male Sea Lon yesterday. I hooked a coho that was running and jumping around my skiff when there was a "Huge-boil" right where my coho had rolled and instantly my reel was screaming as they seldom do this side of Baja. I considered breaking the fish (Lion) off but to do so would have been like stopping a SkilSaw with your bare hands. It was looking like I might be loosing my entire line and backing so in desperation I started the engine and gave chase. I really don't know if it was effective but a short time later the run stopped and I reeled in all my backing then all the shooting line then all the head and the leader and even the fly, with a Coho's head attached severed right behind the gill plates. I guess the Lion read about not eating brains and didn't want to get Mad Fish Disease
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