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And I'm sure that others were probably using similar flies before I came up with the brown rabbit wing with olive marabou and gold tinsel chenile to imitate fallfish. In fact, my father used to use the the old Dark Edson Tiger (golden-yellow chenile body, flat gold tinsel ribbing, brown bucktail wing, jungle cock cheek) on the Delaware and Lackawaxen Rivers because they caught fish for him. The Dark Edson Tiger is also a passable fallfish imitation, although it works best if you use the original golden-yellow (really a light gold color) chenile body-not the lemon yellow I almost always see it tied with these days.

Back when I tied it with brown rabbit (the very early 70's), Zonkers were nearly unknown and I had to cut my own rabbit strips from tanned, dyed rabbit skins I bought at Tandy's Leather.

But I digressed, I've been amazed over the many years I've been tying and fly fishing how often people come up with the same type of fly (materials might be a little different) to solve the same problem of imitation. It would be very hard to have a truly new and different fly for the same imitation or fishing problemthat someone else hasn't done something very similarly before.
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