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Why not tie up some of the old Letort Hoppers that were developed back in the late 40's by the fisherman from the Carlisle, PA area for fishing the well-educated trout of Letort Spring Creek? It is a very simple fly that still works very well for hopper fishing.

It is tied thus:

hook: 2XL dry fly #6,8,10,12
tail: none (can be tied with a very short red deer body hair tail)
body: yellow dubbing
hackle: none
wing: tented mottled turkey
head/collar: deer body hair, tied as a very short muddler style head and collar,
clip all of the collar hair off the bottom. (some tiers tie it like an elk
hair caddis wing, which works just as well)

This was the standard hopper for years until the "more realistic" hoppers with pheasant legs that were designed by Dave Whitlock took the fly fishermen's fancy.

The Letort Cricket is the same fly tied completely out of black components.
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