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Originally Posted by pmflyfisher
Only in America could this happen and they have a chance of being somewhat successful.
I'd suggest you check out the activities of the animal rights fascists in Germany in Britain before you jump to that conclusion. Those two countries are much worse off as their rural populations are relatively small and not very powerful. In the U.S. and Canada, we still have wilderness areas plus a strong and deep hunting & fishing ethos that isn't that far removed from the susbsistence lifestyle of our pioneers. We also have political systems that respond to $$$ clout (you moreso than us) vs. the British and especially the German proportional reporesentation system where every crackpot with a cause can get a government funded political soapbox. The multi-billion dollar hunting and fishing industries here hopefully won't roll over play dead the way they did over there.

The animal rights fascists are made up of a small group of fanatics that are immune to any form of persuasion, however, they have a second tier of supporters made up of mostly urban, university educated females and a third tier composed mostly of primary school children who they target actively. Keep in mind that most primary school teachers fit the second tier domgraphic so the school system has a potential built-in cadre of ARFs. Anglers and hunters with school age children should keep a close watch on what they're being fed in the way of ARF propaganda.

The ARF philosophy is riddled with contradictions and hypocrisy but I seldom see anyone in the press taken them up on it, especially the second tier supporters who are usually woefully ignorant of the full extent of the ARF platform. For example, a high percentage of second tier supporters are pet owners yet they support a cause that equates pet ownership with slavery.

Lastly, hunters & anglers need better performance out of lobby groups to head these people off. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing. Never assume they can't win, or it can never happen here as it is already happened in Ontario. The ARF lobbied successfully campaigned to have the spring bear hunt cancelled based on a pack of lies and supported by some stupid politicians.

Get active.

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