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You will not need a SW license to fish in Mass...I will probabaly be on the Cape that weekend...keep in mind that it's about 55 miles from Boston to the Cape bridge.... and alteast 1/2 hour more to ...say...Chatham...which is 30 miles from the bridge... and and another 30 miles up to P-Town from there. I know Boston harbor will probably be hot and it might be worth your while to get a guide for the evenings... since they do go out in the eves in the harbor to cater to the intown working crowd. The guide can take you out in a boat since the beach fish is hard... and you would need a boat to get to the Islands... Castle Island is accessable but again you are on limited time and really don't know where to go. Check the sponsor list for Boston harbor guides...if we have none, I can recommend some for you to contact..... but if you want to go to the Cape... that should be no problem except for the fact that you are limited to nights.
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