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Wink Hook in Dog "fish"- It Hurts

Fish feel pain, insects feel pain, I feel pain! It pains me to know that good money is going down the drain by putting a dog up on a billboard going north from Galveston to Texas City. There are a whole lot more fishermen/women going to Galveston than from. I don't really know why PETA would put a dog up on the board in the first place, but the news will last about a month and then be taken down. PETA stands against cruelty to animals so I thought. What's next bugs? I'm against using fish as a public display and being wasted just because folks don't want to clean them. But, if you can convince me a fish has feelings; it would have to be because they are conditioned to "eat" anything that gets in their way. That is their mentality. I went fishing up in Lake Fork. I dragged a bait over a bed and the same fish hit it without hooking itself 4 times before it dragged it off its bed. The fish didn't want the bait and literally picked it up and pushed it out of its way. A spawn. I've caught fish while seeing it hit it from the top. Fish were put on this here Earth to feed us and other animals. I would think you would have gotten more of a response if the billboard sign had a dog stuck inside a car. Now that hurts me, as I love dogs. Anyway, PETA has their opinions and us fisherpeople have ours! Good day.
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